Thinking of Fitting a Bathroom? Read This First!

     If you are looking at having a new bathroom suite this year what do you need to consider? If you are you have a lot to consider not least who will complete this rather significant home improvement project. Taking Out the Old Bathroom Suite Removing the bath is probably a good place to start. So after … Lire la suite

Residential Solar Panels to Heat a Swimming Pool

     Home solar panels are a good investment for pool owners. A passive solar heating system uses renewable solar energy to heat pool water, heat a spa, and home water. Residential solar panels like those on sale at Seeeco, are becoming increasingly common, especially among pool owners who are using passive solar heating systems to heat … Lire la suite

How to Paint a Room Like a Professional

     With a few preparations and supplies, you can paint your own room the same as a professional, for a fraction of the cost. Rooms can become dated, scuffed, and sometimes plain with an outdated paint colour. The easiest way to give your home a face-lift is simply repainting it. While you can hire a … Lire la suite

Insulate To Lower High Energy Bills

     Sufficient house insulation helps homeowners lower winter heating costs and provides environmental benefits. The cost of home heating increases every year in the UK and winter always seems to last much longer than summer. In this article, we offer homeowners some helpful tips on insulating a home to help lower fuel bills this winter. The … Lire la suite

Six Basic Interior Design Rules

     A look into the six basic rules every good interior designer knows including how to use the right colour schemes, balancing out the room, and more. People all over seek out interior design advice. With a vast amount of information available today, anyone who has ever decorated or remodeled their home believes they know best. However, … Lire la suite