Thinking of Fitting a Bathroom? Read This First!




If you are looking at having a new bathroom suite this year what do you need to consider? If you are you have a lot to consider not least who will complete this rather significant home improvement project.

Taking Out the Old Bathroom Suite

Removing the bath is probably a good place to start. So after turning off the water you will need to remove the bath. Whether you are removing all your tiles or not you will need to remove the tiles around the bath either way. If your bath taps are boxed in you will probably have to remove these as well as any bath panels.

Once you have made sure the water is turned off you will need to open the taps to the bath and bathroom sink to make sure that there is no air keeping water in the taps. Now you will have to remove the bath and bathroom sink. There are a full range of plumbing tools that make the job a lot easier. Remember that you are going to be working in a tight confined space so preparation is everything. You will need to undo the pipes or cut the pipes leading to your taps. If you are cutting them then cut them as close to the tap as possible. You may need to undo the wires and earth tags for your bath.

The next stage will be to disconnect the waste pipes and get rid of any water held in them. You will also have to unscrew any fixtures holding the bath to the wall. You will also need to unscrew the bath feet from the floor.

Next will be the loo. Flush it as you will still have some water left in the cistern. You will also need to mop up any remaining water in in there. You will then have to disconnect the inlet pipes and overflow pipes and remove the loo.

Then you will need to remove all of the tiles and any other fixtures or fittings. Tired yet? Ready to remove your own bathroom suite or need some expert help?

Fitting Your New Bathroom Suite

Next you will need to get all of your new kit off and put it all together to see what you have and check to ensure your current pipes are long enough to do the job. Fix the taps to the bath and sink so that all you need to do is fix the pipes and so forth once they are in place. Check to ensure all your bath panels, bath parts, and sink accessories are okay and not damaged as it will be more awkward to take it all apart and take it back to the shop once it is all fitted.

Now you almost need to do everything above in reverse. Fix any bracket to the wall or timber that goes along the wall. Make sure your bath feet and brackets are attached to the bath and once it is in place make sure they are firmly secured. You will have to check all your pipes are the right length and are securely fastened.

The entire job can take you a few days at the least and you will have to make sure that you have the right tools and skills to get the job done as well as somewhere else to spend the night as you will no doubt want the loo or to have a shower or bath at some point during a couple of days it takes to finish your bathroom project.

If you are in any doubt it is suggested that you contact professionals, with the right insurance and a good reputation to make your bathroom project as a dream as opposed to becoming a nightmare.